Personalised Mother Daughter Necklace: A Unique Gift

Personalised Mother Daughter Necklace: A Unique Gift

The bond between a mother and daughter is truly something that can’t be broken. Whether they are finishing school or graduating university or even still a toddler. A special keepsake which can be worn and shared between the two of you is something so precious. It will last a lifetime.

Picking the right necklaces can be hard. Or even the right engraving. Being a company where every piece on our website has the option of complimentary hand-engraving, we see plenty of special keepsakes each day. From heartfelt messages to witty quotes, we have seen it all. 

5 Personalised Mother and Daughter Necklaces

From matching mother and daughter necklaces to similar styles with a twist, our array of necklaces will suit all personalities. With the option of three different chain lengths and three different metals, pick your favourite design. Engrave your special words onto the front or reverse of the disc. 

1. Personalised Gemstone Necklace, £139
Gemstone necklace

Our beautiful personalised and hand-engraved gemstone necklace is colourful and feminine. It’s one of our favourite designs. There is even a selection of different gemstones to suit each personality. Find the perfect colour for you and your daughter! Same same but different.

2. Personalised Intertwined Necklace, £99

Inspired by the love between mother and child, the intertwined circles can represent any special bond. The links of love between mother and daughters. Choose a special saying or names to personalise the larger circle and a date or short message for the smaller circle. All beautifully hand-engraved to remember milestone moments in your life.

3. Personalised Illustration Necklace, £79

Engravable with a choice of eight delicate illustrations, this necklace is a great mother daughter piece. Ranging from the popular heart design to an intricate drawing of the face’s of a mother and child. Choose which illustration matches your personality. All available in a range of disc sizes to suit everyone.

4. Personalised Padlock Chain Necklace, £79

Small and delicate for the more subtle jewellery wearers. This trendy padlock necklace can be engraved with two initials, one on the front and one on the back. Why not engrave yours and your kids!

5. Personalised Initial Pastille Necklace, £89

This necklace is an influencer's favourite. It is a chocker style, which can either be engraved with five initials or you can spell out a name. We can see why this necklace is so loved! Subtle yet stylish.