Wearing and Caring for Jewellery in Summer

Wearing and Caring for Jewellery in Summer

When the sun comes out, so do our best outfits. And wejewellery more often than not, makes an outfit! Choosing the right summer style pieces don’t need to be hard. What can be hard is knowing how to keep your keepsakes in the best condition. This blog will answer your queries on questions on how and what to do this summer.

Wearing and taking care of your Jewellery this Summer

Going on holiday provides a lot of fun and excitement. It can also come with stress. Especially when it comes to your favourite pieces of jewellery.

  • What happens if you go in the sea?
  • Does sun cream tarnish jewellery? 
  • Will the salt water affect your jewellery?
  • Does sand stain or mark your special keepsakes?
  • Will the sun cause discolouration? 

The questions are endless. 

However, there are some golden rules we should always abide by when on our holidays. Firstly, naturally when we go in the cold or enter cold water, our fingers shrink. This means that rings we used to think were tight could suddenly come loose. And you don’t want to be that person who loses their engagement ring in the sea! We have heard those stories too many times. 

Jewellery Care Tips at the beach

Did you know that sand is what glass is made from? Sand can be very abrasive and can damage your jewellery. Especially if your pieces are plated. However, if you are wearing solid gold or solid silver, you should be fine! Similar to gemstones, sand can affect the softer stones but will not harm diamonds. 

Everyone who goes to a hot country is bound to also be packing a bottle of sun cream. If you don’t, you should! Sun cream is another aspect which we should be wary of. Similar to sweat and other creams. Suntan lotions will not damage your jewellery unless it is braided. There is nothing corrosive within the cream but if can react with thread or any sort of string.