The Merci Maman Love Stories ❤️

The Merci Maman Love Stories ❤️

Read some of the wonderful love stories from our very own Merci Maman team!

“My boyfriend and I were set up by a mutual friend at her birthday party. It took three attempts at dating (over three consecutive years) until we finally made it work! We have now been together for 2 years and I can’t imagine life without him.” – Clemmie, Key Account Manager

“My British husband proposed (in French!) on NYE 2017 at the top of the slopes during a skiing trip in Verbier (yes I still had my helmet on when that happened). The ring was a little too small so I buried my hand in snow to shrink my fingers which, to our delight, perfectly did the trick!” – Marine, Head of Brand Marketing

“Being in a long distance relationship isn’t easy, so for Christmas 2019 I wrote 365 little notes to my boyfriend, with memories, challenges, sweet messages or inner jokes, just so he could start each day with a part of me. Then 2020 and the pandemic happened, and we weren’t able to see each other for the majority of the year, luckily we had those notes, it definitely brought us closer.” – Elena, Graphic Designer

“My husband and I met while I was studying abroad in the USA. It was not love at first sight but at second sight and by the end of the semester we knew we wanted to see where a life together would take us. Almost 10 years later, we have lived together in 3 countries, 4 cities and are happy we weathered long-distance relationships, moves, job changes… and have grown stronger in the process.” – Julia, German Country Manager

“It is true our story is not really extraordinary except my husband is my real soulmate and is extraordinary! The first day I met him during a party he sent me a text asking me if I wanted to see him again… I called a really good friend and she gave me a really good advice… « Call him back at least you will have a free restaurant dinner » and this is what I did! Two months later we moved together, one year after he proposed and we get married the 25th of September 2010! It was my favorite day ever! We decided the day after to get married again 10 years later and this is what we did! Despite this difficult year with the pandemic we celebrated with our family, our 2 kids and our closed friends our INFINITE LOVE! WE STILL DO!! And we are already scheduling our 20th !” – Alice, Marketing & Communications France

“I met my husband 28 years ago (can’t believe I’m writing that number), and it was love at first sight… for me. I had to chase him and he made me wait. When he was finally ready he took me to an airshow, I did not expect to like it but we had a really fun day,  and that was the start of this now long love story!” – Capucine, eCommerce Project Manager

“I’ve been single for 26 years and loving it!” – Eve, UK PR & Marketing Manager

“It was love at first sight! We were both working in an auction house, he was holding a painting for the auction and I had just started working in the room. Our eyes met and from that moment on we couldn’t stop looking for each other. We didn’t know each other’s names and felt that asking around the office wouldn’t be very appropriate. In the end we met again at an exhibition prior to the auction, we arranged to meet after work and… the rest is history.” – Inés, Spain & Italy Country Manager

“My boyfriend and I met through my best friend just over 3 years ago. After a long-distance relationship for a couple of years, last year we finally moved to the same city and survived the entire lockdown together. Next month we’re moving to our own flat and couldn’t be more excited!” – Georgia, eCommerce Merchandiser