The Zodiac Collection: Exploring Pisces

The Zodiac Collection: Exploring Pisces

From Leo’s all the way to Scorpio’s. 12 signs make up the zodiac. Each month of the year has a different sign. So why not get a piece to show off your star sign? The season of Pisces is currently ongoing for those born between the 19th of February and 20th of March. Pisces are the twelfth and final astrological sign in the zodiac cycle. Keep reading for zodiac jewellery recommendations and an interview with a pisces!

Characteristics Associated with Pisces

The characteristics said to be relevant to Pisces are to have a sensitive and delicate streak. Conscious of their emotional side, they try to avoid being hurt. They are loved for their empathy. With big hearts and modesty it’s easy for them to win people over. Pisces often do not value material things and family is very important to them. On professional level their success is less important than the opportunity to develop freely and to be creative.

Zodiac Inspired Pieces

Since launching in November 2021 our zodiac collection has quickly become a Merci Maman favourite. Featuring stunning necklaces that incorporate stellar designs. Depict your zodiac sign or constellation with detailed engraving. In addition, you also have the opportunity to personalise as you wish with a hand engraved message in our signature french style. Keep reading to discover our unique cosmic-inspired collection of personalised jewellery.

1 . Personalised Zodiac Coin Necklace

The first of our zodiac necklaces is this timeless coin disc. With each delicate zodiac sign engraved around the edge, choose your representative star sign. Furthermore, hand-engrave with your meaningful words on the reverse of this unique necklace. From a special date to your little ones names, there is an abundance of phrases that you could utilise. In other words, the options are endless!

2 . Personalised Zodiac Charm Necklace

Secondly, we have our personalised zodiac charm necklace. Show off your love for the stars with this outer space inspired piece. Choose your own star sign or one of your children’s to display on this delicate necklace. Subsequently pair with a hand-engraved disc. To finish, make use of the 30 characters engraving allowance. Hand engrave with a name, date or a short personal message. Available in silver and gold, this timeless necklace allows you to have both a sentimental and stylish double pendant.

3 . Personalised Constellation Coin Necklace

Moreover, we also have our personalised constellation coin necklace. Featuring beautifully showcased intricate detailing and constellation designs. The constellation coin necklace has each zodiac sign engraved around the edge. Choose your constellation and have a group of stars engraved onto the front of your pendant. Additionally, allow your own words to adorn the reverse. Available in 18K Champagne Gold Plated or 925 Sterling Silver. Choose from all 12 different star signs!

Still searching for astrology inspired pieces? Be sure to check out the full 11-piece collection on our website! Designed to showcase your own or a loved one’s star sign and to tell your story. Complete the look with a hand-engraved message for your special piece of jewellery 

The Merci Maman Resident Pisces

We were able to have a quick chat with the resident Pisces at Merci Maman. Born on March 14th, Jenni works for the German marketing team as an intern!

What are your best qualities?

I would say I am sensitive, intuitive and a good listener.

What are your greatest weaknesses?

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by my emotions and I can’t figure out, why I feel a certain way.

Which jewellery piece did you choose?

I chose the constellation coin necklace. I chose this particular necklace because I feel connected to the stars and the constellation appears mysterious and less noticeable, which I like.

Big thanks to Jenni, for agreeing to this mini-interview.

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