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Supporting those who raise awareness and help others in our community is important to us, so we are very proud to partner with a number of charities and organisations throughout Europe.


We’re honoured to be supporting the amazing work of the Little Roo Neonatal Fund, the local charity for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. Peter’s Hospital, in Chertsey, Surrey.

In the past twenty years the care of babies born very early, or with unexpected problems, has improved immensely, with great improvements in survival and outlook. This work is increasingly specialised and requires dedicated teams of highly trained nurses and doctors, available at all times. In Surrey, the only hospital with the appropriate staff, equipment, skills and experience to provide this highest level of intensive care for the smallest and sickest newborn babies is St. Peter’s Hospital.

Little Roo Neonatal Fund therefore raises money to provide the support that the St. Peter’s Neonatal Unit continues to require, to offer the highest standards of intensive care for babies born in Surrey and further afield.

For every order placed on Merci Maman 10pence is donated along with 100% of the proceeds of our newly launched Rainbow Necklace to support the amazing work of The Little Roo Fund.