Personalised wedding jewellery gift ideas to cherish loved ones

Wedding Jewellery

Wedding season is just around the corner. Looking for personalised wedding jewellery for brides, bridesmaids, and mothers of the brides? Add a unique and emotional touch to a wedding day with a hand-engraved keepsake from Merci Maman.       

Throughout life’s most cherished milestones, weddings stand out as key moments of shared love, commitment, and treasured memories. Small moments, kind gestures, and special details truly make a day full of love and joy special. These little things make occasions like weddings memorable and help to create lasting memories.   

What better way to commemorate this occasion than with a perfect piece of wedding jewellery? Each piece is a beautiful accessory to wear on your big day. It not only serves as a reminder of the moment to cherish, but also as a precious lasting memory.     

Why choose personalised jewellery as a wedding gift?    

personalised beaded disc necklace gold plated merci maman

A personalised gift for a wedding to celebrate a bride or her bridesmaids is a lovely and thoughtful idea. Personalised jewellery is a unique way to remember important moments with loved ones. It captures memories and serves as a token of that time.   

If you're a bride-to-be looking for her wedding jewellery, we have got you covered. Your wedding jewellery will not only look great in photos, but you can also wear it every day. The timeless and elegant design of Merci Maman jewellery makes it versatile for everyday wear and for special occasions. You can wear each piece to both compliment and elevate an outfit.    

Bridal jewellery will always hold a special memory for the wearer. Personalising this jewellery with important names and dates only deepens its sentimental value. It then becomes a precious keepsake for all those involved to treasure, whether it's jewellery for a bride, bridesmaid, groom, or maid of honour.    

If you are a bride or a friend of a newly married person, we have gifts for everyone's style. Choose something special for your bridesmaids or for your friend. Read on to discover our special selection of jewellery to personalise, gift, and cherish.    

Elegant bridal jewellery for a bride-to-be:    


The perfect bridal necklace, our Personalised Pearl Chain Necklace is a stylish addition to a bridal outfit. The chain detailing of this necklace adds a modern touch to more traditional pearl wedding jewellery. Each necklace features elegant pearls on the chain of the necklace and a disc for engraving special names and words. Pair with some drop earrings or Mini Pearl Hoop Earrings to complete the look.   

Here are some examples of engraving ideas to add to this necklace for a bride-to-be:    

  • ‘(front) Our special day. (reverse) ‘21.06.2024’    
  • ‘Miss to Mrs’    
  • (front) ‘Lucie & Ben <3’ (reverse) ‘The day we said yes’    
  • ‘Forever starts today’    


For a more subtle yet equally stylish touch, opt for our bestselling Personalised Intertwined Bracelet. This bracelet symbolises an unbreakable bond, and is a lovely gift for a bride on her wedding day. She can wear it every day as a reminder of this special milestone and those who adore her.   

Some lovely engraving ideas for this bracelet are:  

  • (large circle) ‘All you need is love’ (small circle) ‘Max & Sophie’    
  • (large circle) ‘On your wedding day’ (small circle) ‘lots of love xx’    
  • (large circle) ‘From Miss to Mrs’ (small circle) ‘18.05.2024’    


A special gift for a bride from her husband-to-be is our Personalised You & Me Necklace. This delicate token of love is available in 18K Gold Plated, 925 Sterling Silver, and 18K Rose Gold Plated. Choose the metal depending on her personal style and wedding colour scheme.    

Perfect for a subtle and stylish bride, this necklace is the ultimate symbol of love. Featuring a dainty heart charm, this necklace can be hand-engraved with two initials. A heart joins each initial together to symbolise everlasting love.    

Bridesmaid gifts for matching memories:  


Gifting your bridesmaids personalised jewellery is a thoughtful way to thank them for their help and kindness. Each piece of personalised jewellery is heartfelt expression of gratitude. It's a lovely reminder of the bond the bride and her closest friends share.  

Cherish the role that your bridesmaids have played in your wedding. A necklace engraved with a thoughtful message is a lovely choice. Choose  

A personalised bracelet is a popular choice for bridesmaids. They are a lovely reminder of friendship and shared memories. It's a lovely and special touch that will leave your bridesmaids feeling loved and valued.   

You can personalise the Mini Pearl Bracelet with different braid colours to match your wedding theme.


Or choose different braid colours to reflect the individuality of each of your bridesmaids.   

Each bracelet is an elegant and stylish gift, featuring a disc to engrave with:    

  • (front) name of bridesmaid i.e. ‘Marie’. (reverse) ‘Bridesmaid <3’    
  • ‘Maid of honour’    
  • ‘Bride tribe’    

For a longer engraving, our Personalised Hammered Flat Bangle is perfect for sharing heartfelt messages and words of appreciation. If your bridesmaids are all wearing different dresses, this bangle works well to add a stylish and matching touch, with engravings such as:    

  • ‘Thank you for being my bridesmaid <3’    
  • ‘Friends like you are rare and special’    
  • ‘I can’t say “I do” without you’    

Tokens of love. Thoughtful gifts for the mother of the bride:    

Show appreciation for a special mama by creating a personalised gift for a mother of the bride or groom. The mother of the bride holds a special place in the journey of a wedding. She offers support, guidance, and wisdom. A personalised gift is a thoughtful gesture to show her just how much you care.  

Merci Maman is a brand built around celebrating mama’s and motherhood. Every mum should be celebrated in ways that are simply as unique as she is. That is why a hand engraved gift for a mother of the bride is the perfect way to celebrate all her care and support.   

Personalise a gift with precious words to capture the integral role she plays in her daughter’s wedding day.   

Our Personalised Locket Necklace is a heartfelt gift from daughter to mum, with a timeless design and hidden engraving.


Each necklace is available in 18K Gold Plated and 925 Sterling Silver to suit her style. With plenty of room to personalise this necklace on the front and inside the pendant, these ideas might inspire you:   

  • (front) ‘Mother of the bride’ (inside) ‘I love you mum xx’    
  • (front) ‘Wherever you are’ (inside) ‘I am always with you’    
  • (front) ‘All that I am’ (inside) ‘I owe to you mum’    

If you are giving your bridesmaids matching pearl bracelets, consider our Personalised Pearl Flower Necklace for a special mama. This necklace compliments that of the bridesmaids' and adds a sentimental yet elegant touch to the mother of the bride's outfit. Personalise this as a gift by engraving a special mama's name or adding 'Mum' and 'I love you' to a charm.    

If you are not sure what piece to gift her, firstly think about her everyday style. Does she prefer more timeless and classic designs? Does she love a pop of colour through vibrant gemstones?  

Find a gift that stands out. Suit her style with a range of personalised necklace, bracelets, rings, and earrings to choose from.  

Thoughtful touches. Top gifts for groomsmen:    

Create a keepsake for a groom or groomsman to cherish. Choose our Men's Personalised Open Bangle as a special gift for a groomsman or husband-to-be on his wedding day. A bangle makes a subtle yet eye-catching gift for him to wear.   

Each bangle can be personalised inside for a more discreet engraving. Engrave it with words or a message to remind him of this special day.   

These are some engraving ideas to help inspire you:  

  • ‘Always with you x’  
  • ‘You and me. A forever kind of thing <3’  
  • ‘With love on our wedding day. Ellie x’  
  • ‘Tom. Number one groomsman’  

Pair this with our Personalised Open Bangle for her to create a matching set for the happy couple. A matching gift for a bride and groom adds a lovely detail to their day. It’s also a lovely wedding present for them to treasure after the celebration. Add their names and wedding date to create a unique wedding gift they will never want to take off. 


You might want to consider engraving:   

  • 'Alex and Sam. Our new adventure <3'   
  • 'Luke, I know what love is because of you'   
  • '12.04.2024. The day we tied the knot'   

Still unsure of what to engrave?   

If you like something but don't know what to engrave, contact our customer service team for help. Our team are friendly and ready to assist you. We’re here to offer advice and help you to select the best piece possible for your special occasion.    


As well as names, words, and dates, you can also engrave:   

  • Initials: such as ‘S’ or ‘A’ for a more subtle engraving   
  • Special symbols: hearts and infinity signs are popular for weddings, as they symbolise never-ending love.    
  • Uplifting quotes: this could be a line from their favourite film or a quote they both love.    
  • Geographical coordinates: this could be the place where the couple met or got engaged. It could be any location they hold close to their hearts.    
  • Empowering phrases: add a special message such as ‘the adventure starts here’. This is an optimistic reminder of the exciting journey of married life.   

At Merci Maman, we believe that personalised jewellery truly captures the essence of love and unforgettable memories. We delicately engrave each piece by hand for a bride-to-be and all the bridal party to treasure. Each piece of jewellery is packaged into a stylish box and sent with love from Paris.   

The hand engraving process ensures that no two pieces of jewellery look alike. This adds a unique quality to each piece to create a one-of-a-kind gift. The engraving of each letter precisely captures your own special story and gives the piece a priceless sentimental value.   

Add unforgettable details to a wedding day by creating a personalised gift to treasure. Engrave a name, word, date, or phrase to turn your chosen piece into a unique and meaningful present. Let each gift all shine with individuality and add that all important special touch to a precious day.  

Personalise the perfect gift now.