Personalised Birthday Gifts

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Every birthday is a unique celebration of life and love. In a world where everything move so quickly and almost everything is within reach, giving a gift that stands out for its personality and uniqueness becomes unforgettable.
Personalised birthday gifts are not just objects, they are a reflection of the thought and affection you have for the person who receives them. Each gift tellss a story, capture a moment or symbolise a shared, special bond.
To make it easier for you to choose the gift that will perfectly suit the person you want to celebrate, we have carefully created a selection of unique birthday jewellery to inspire you. Whether you’re a fan of shiny 18K Gold Plating, the rosy softness of 18K Rose Gold Plating, or the timeless elegance of 925 Silver, each piece in our collection is ready to be transformed into a unique treasure. Personalisation goes well beyond the simple choice of materials. Each of our jewels can be engraved with a personal message sure to be received as a heartfelt and emotional gift. Imagine the joy of your loved receiving a Personalised Flat Bangle engraved with a message close to their heart, or the happiness of a friend opening a gift of a Padlock Necklace, engraved with their initial or special age. Each piece of jewellery then becomes not only a fashion accessory, but a true keepsake full of emotions and memories. For loved ones and little ones, you’ll be sure to find a gift to stand out and treasure.  

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Personalised Engraving: Create an Unforgettable Memory 

The Meaning of Personalised Jewellery Engraving 

Personalised engraving on jewellery transforms a piece into more than an accessory. Each personalised gift is a lovely and thoughtful way to capture a moment, an emotion, or a special bond
By engraving a personal message, you turn an elegant piece of jewellery into a sentimental treasure, a precious keepsake with timeless words to treasure every day. 
Whether to mark a birthday, celebrate an important milestone, or simply express your affection, adding a special engraving makes each piece unique and emotionally connected to those you’re gifting to.  

Engraving Options: Messages and Symbols 

When it comes to choosing what to engrave, the possibilities are endless. Here are some thoughtful suggestions to help to inspire you.  

Classic Messages 

  • Important Dates: Commemorate a special date, such as a birthday or wedding anniversary, for example: “12.05.2023”. 
  • Initials or Names: Engrave initials or full names for a personal touch, for example: “M & J”, “Julia”. 
  • Short Quotes: Use a quote that has special meaning, for example: “Forever and always”. 

Inspirational Messages 

  • Words of encouragement always offer support and inspiration, for example: “You’ve got this!” or “Believe in yourself”. 
  • Positive affirmations can be used to boost confidence and positivity, for example: “I am strong”, “Wild and free”. 


  • Hearts and Stars: Classics that represent love and hope. 
  • Specific Symbols: Patterns that have personal meaning, such as a shamrock for luck or an anchor for stability. 

Custom Combinations 

  • Messages and Dates: Combine a meaningful, short message with an important date, for example: "Our adventure - 01.06.2021" 
  • Symbols and Initials: Combine a symbol with the initials of someone special, for example,: “S & H ❤️” 

Tips for Engraving 

To make sure your gift and engraving are as successful as possible, remember to take these three important elements into account: 

  • Clarity: Make sure the message is clear and easy to understand.
  • Length: Keep the message concise so it fits elegantly on the jewellery.
  • Personalisation: Think carefully about the recipient of the jewellery and choose a message that will resonate with him or her.

Ultimately, hand-engraving with Merci Maman is a unique and meaningful way to make a piece of jewellery truly unforgettable. By choosing your names, words, and dates carefully, you can create a gift that’s sure to be cherished with love and pride throughout the years.  

How to choose the perfect piece 

Choosing the right personalisation to create a memorable birthday gift can be tricky, so it’s important to firstly think about the personality and tastes of the person receiving the gift. Do they prefer more subtle and simple pieces? Do they prefer to wear silver or gold jewellery in general?  
It’s also a great idea to think about the engraving you’re choosing for the specific piece, as this is what’s going to make your gift truly unique and special to them. Choose a message that has a special meaning for you and your loved one. 
Finally, think carefully about the style of the jewelry. A simple and delicate design generally suits everyone, whilst a bolder and more statement design will be perfect for those who like to stand out.  

Options for all budgets 

When it comes to personalised birthday gifts, we have plenty of options to suit a variety of budgets. 
Our personalised jewellery collection is designed with this in mind, with a price range that allows everyone to find a gift that is both meaningful and affordable. 

If you’re looking for a small token of appreciation, we have plenty of gifts for less than £60 can be personalised and engraved with special words of love.  

For those looking to spend a little more, we have a range of gifts under £120 ready to personalise as gift for a loved one to treasure. 

For those who really want to create an unforgettable forever keepsake, our gifts over £120 are sure to create a lasting impact for a special occasion.