Hola España: Merci Maman in Spanish!

Hola España, it’s so nice to meet you!

We’re very excited to announce that our website has officially launched in Spanish!

We’re opening the doors to the Mediterranean with a dedicated customer service team, ready to hand-engrave your mensajes de amor for your nearest and dearest.

Spring is filled with new beginnings, new life and new love so we are excited to share this next step in our journey with you!

Our fridge is fully loaded with delicious tapas, paella and sangria to celebrate so tell your friends and join us at www.mercimamanboutique.com/es-es, olé!


Giveaway! Merci Maman x Choc on Choc

It’s time to feast on treats galore with our amazing new giveaway! We’ve teamed up with chocolatier extraordinaire brand Choc on Choc, just in time for Easter!

Based in the heart of the Somerset countryside, Choc on Choc create beautiful handmade chocolate gifts from the finest Belgian chocolates. Founded in 2003 by father/daughter duo, Kerr Dunlop and Flo Broughton, Choc on Choc has grown from a tiny team of three to an award-winning independent business.

This year, treat yourself, or your little and loved ones to delicious chocolate and an adorable bunny bracelet on us!  If a solid milk chocolate rabbit and a personalised bunny charm doesn’t say “Happy Easter,” nothing does!

One lucky winner will get their hands on the perfect Easter prize; three chocolate rabbits from Choc on Choc and three Personalised Bunny Bracelets from us! Enter the giveaway to be in with a chance!


Happy Bunnies: Easter 2018

Now that we’re approaching the end of the month, you might have noticed an odd sensation creeping up on you. Lighter mornings, fresher air, a growing bounce in your step…? Things are starting to look like spring is finally on its way!merci-maman-personalised-bunny-bracelet-easter-2018With Easter just around the corner, up your Easter Bunny game and discover something worth hunting for. Swap traditional chocolate eggs for a personalised gift!

Happy Bunnies

Bounce into spring with our most adorable charm, personalised with a name or date as a special Easter treat! Sweeter than chocolate, our Personalised Bunny Bracelets is perfect for boy and girls, animal lovers, spring babies or Easter well-wishes.

Available in sterling silver, choose from 18 different colours of braid to find your favourite this Spring!

Dream a little dream

A picture-perfect Spring day wouldn’t be the same without some light and fluffy clouds. Our dreamy Personalised Cloud Chain Bracelet keeps things cute in sterling silver or 18K gold plated. Engraved with their name, your little ones will be sky high with Easter excitement!merci-maman-personalised-cloud-chain-bracelet-easter-2018

Pastel Perfect

Personalised charms meet the iconic Liberty London print with our gorgeous Liberty Bracelet for Kids. Personalise with a hand-engraved date or name and choose from six super-cute floral patterns, perfect for Spring!merci-maman-personalised-liberty-bracelet-for-kids-easter-2018

Mother’s Day 2018 with Chelsea Children’s Hospital Charity


Since January 2017, Merci Maman has proudly supported the Chelsea Children’s Hospital Charity. The Charity was founded more than 30 years ago by a team of paediatric doctors and continues to raise money for both Chelsea Children’s Hospital and West Middlesex Hospital in London. They provide urgently needed equipment as well as the little extras that make both hospitals more welcoming for children and families.

To celebrate Mother’s Day 2018, the Merci Maman team paid a visit to some of the very special Mum’s with children currently in the care of the hospital. It’s not easy on Mother’s Day when your child is not well but we hoped to celebrate their strength and love together.

As a Mother’s Day gift to them, we gave one of our Personalised Flat Bangles,  hand-engraved with the word ‘Amour’, to every mum in the children’s wards and neonatal units at both Chelsea Children’s Hospital and West Middlesex Hospital.merci-maman-personalised-jewellery-chelsea-childrens-hospital-charity

Mum Susan Parkinson said, “It’s so beautiful, I love it so much, thank you.” Her eight-year-old daughter Lulu was being treated in the Children’s High Dependency Unit.

Kate Joyce was in the Children’s Burns Unit with her 13-year-old daughter Chelsea. “Thank you so much for the bracelet, what a lovely gesture. As a mum of five, I’m hoping for a cup of tea in bed on Mother’s Day, and a chance to relax!”

“This is the second year in a row that we’ve teamed up with our partner Merci Maman for Mother’s Day,” said charity manager Rebecca McLoughlin. “Thanks to Merci Maman’s generosity, we’ve been able to give these deserving mums a gift they can cherish forever.”

merci-maman-personalised-jewellery-chelsea-childrens-hospital-charityAll photos by Gail Fogarty.

From One Mother To Another: Beatrice de Montille

merci-maman-from-one-mother-to-another-beatrice-de-montilleMummy of four and founder of Merci Maman


Béatrice founded personalised jewellery brand, Merci Maman, from her kitchen table in London in 2007. Ten years on and four children later, Béatrice is at the heart of the business both creatively and strategically. Hand-engraved jewellery and personalised products by Merci Maman are loved all over the world and her award-winning company now employees 32 people between their London, Paris and Berlin studios.

Tell us about a special thing that reminds you of your mum?

There are so many things! When we’ve finished a meal at home, my children come to sit on my lap and I cross my hands on their tummies, I remember my mum doing the same to me when I was little.  While helping me with my homework, she kept asking me to read my work over and over to find the spelling mistakes myself. This has stayed with me! I hate spelling mistake, ask my team, it makes me crazy!

What makes you feel close to her?

I understand how good she was at trusting me, making me see that if there were rules at home or in life, it was only to make me happy!

Becoming older and more mature probably helps me realise all that she has done for me. She was always putting her family first and compromising on her own life but that was what made her happiest. Today is a bit different with the new generation of mums that I am a part of. We want to succeed in everything – our personal lives, working lives, social lives etc. – and we put a lot of pressure on ourselves even when we are only looking for the best balance!

Is there a special thing you do with your children to celebrate Mother’s Day?

My youngest one, Garance, keeps telling me that she will make me breakfast in bed! Lucky me! I don’t feel the need for anything very special: I only want to feel them around me on that day; like a hen with her chicken! Something nice like drawings made with love would be a bonus!

Would you like to share a memory of a particular Mother’s Day?  A gift you remember? 

A drawing from my friend Charlotte du Jour showing me with my children multitasking, holding a cup of coffee in one hand, a computer in another one, a baby in a 3rd one, an iPhone in the 4th, and some MM bracelets freshly engraved in a 5th one!

What’s the most beautiful thing your kids have thanked you for or have said Merci Maman?

My eleven-year-old daughter, Chloe, keeps saying thank you for giving her life because “without daddy and without you I would never exist!”. She keeps telling it to my Mum too. So sweet isn’t it!

Beatrice chose a selection of products from our new collection. She engraved the names of her four children on our Personalised Leaf Bangle and ‘We Are Family’ on the new Single Beaded Open Bangle. Take a look at the new collection and find your favourite!

From One Mother To Another: Helen Skelton

Helen Skelton

Mummy of two boys


Helen is TV presenter regularly covering the Olympics on BBC Sport and previously working as a presenter on Blue Peter. Helen has completed the Namibia Ultra Marathon (becoming the second woman to ever do so), kayaked down the Amazon River, conquered a high wire walk between the towers of Battersea Power Station traveled 500 miles across Antarctica to the South Pole, becoming the fastest person to travel 100km by ski. She is now enjoying a new adventure – Motherhood! Originally from England, Helen now lives in France with her husband and two sons.

Tell us about a special thing that reminds you of your mum?

The smell of oil of ulay. My mum is very affectionate and I feel like she’s hugged me my whole life. The smell of her face cream always makes me feel good.

What makes you feel close to her?

I speak to her every day. Sometimes just for a minute or two but usually to tell her something my kids have done. My sons adore her and I think they bring us even closer.

Is there a special thing you do with your children to celebrate Mother’s Day?

My baby is only 9 months so this will be our first as a family of four.

Would you like to share a memory of a particular Mother’s Day? A gift you remember? 

My first Mother’s Day with my eldest involved me and my friend using her kids scooters to scoot down the promenade at the beach. We thought we were pretty cool.

What’s the most beautiful thing your kids have thanked you for or have said Merci Maman ?

My 2 year old said “thanks for being my mummy” the other day. It was totally unprompted. I nearly cried!

By Women, For Women: Happy International Women’s Day!

To every wonder-woman out there, we want to wish you a very happy International Women’s Day!

Fill your day with girl power, celebrate yourself and the number one ladies in your life – you are all amazing, today, tomorrow and every day!

Join us in celebrating some of the incredible women who bring Merci Maman from our studio to your doorstep, from marketing to making, customer service to design!happy-international-womens-day-merci-maman

From One Mother To Another: Julia Bradbury

Julia Bradbury


Mum of three girls!

Julia is a TV presenter, author, and mother! In January 2017, Julia presented ‘Britain’s Best Walks’ for ITV and in 2018, she co-presented a one-off programme called ‘Britain’s Favourite Walks: Top 100’, as voted for by the public. In 2011 she became a mother to Zephyrus and in 2014 she gave birth to twins Xanthe and Zena!

What’s the special thing that reminds you of your mum?

I talk to and see my Mum, Chrissi, all the time so I don’t have one thing that always reminds me of her – she’s constantly in my thoughts!  But we have a laugh when it’s cold because she always, always checks to see if the kids are wearing vests (it’s the Greek heritage) and the stock joke response is ‘No Mama – they’re freezing but they’ll survive!

What makes you feel close to her?

Hearing  Neil Diamond songs – she loves a bit of Neil. And Abba!

Is there a special thing you do with your children to celebrate Mother’s Day?

We make sure we’re all together and this year my girls turn 3 years old the same week as Mother’s Day, so we’ll be having a quadruple celebration for my Mum, my sister Gina, myself and the birthday girls!

Would you like to share a memory of a Mother’s day? A gift you remember? 

Well my little people are all still little so I’m chuffed every time I get a handmade heart from nursery with spider scrawls all over it, but my lovely super-nanny, Nada, made me coloured butterfly pictures using prints of their painted feet last year so it’s going to take a lot to top that.

What’s the most beautiful thing your kids have thanked you for or have said Merci Maman?

“You’re the best Mama in the whole wide world Mama, and I love you this much” (arms out-stretched). Que my heart melting…

Julia chose the Large Hammered Necklace in 18K gold plated as her favourite product, personalised with ‘Z X Z’ to represent the names of the three girls Zephyrus, Xanthe and Zena!personalised-large-hammered-necklace-10th-anniversary-collection-merci-maman

Featured in Carole Middleton’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

In a new column for BabyLondon magazine, Carole Middleton has shared an exclusive list of gifts for Mother’s Day, providing some inspiration for mums unsure of what to ask for, and children looking for an extra-special treat for Mum.

Featuring our Personalised Moon Necklace, Carole says, ‘Personalised jewellery is a classic idea, but this pretty design gives a modern twist’

At £69, we think our Personalised Moon Necklace makes the perfect gift for Mum! Choose between sterling silver and 18K gold plated with the perfect personalisation of a name or date, especially for mum.

Carole is not the only Middleton to love our hand-engraved jewellery; in 2013, Carole’s daughter, Pippa Middleton gave her sister Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, our Personalised Duchess Necklace to celebrate the birth of Prince George. Featuring a hand-engraved disc with the Prince’s full name, a small boy charm and a heart engraved with a ‘W’ to represent Prince William.

Merci Maman x L’Occitane

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 18.09.59
This Mother’s Day, Merci Maman have teamed up with award-winning beauty brand, L’Occitane en Provence to bring you the ultimate gifting experience, especially for mum.

To celebrate the opening of the new L’Occitane flagship store on London’s Regent Street, we have partnered with the French beauty brand to bring you an exciting destination for beauty and grooming gifts; the perfect way to say ‘thank you, mum!’

On Saturday 10th March, we invite you to an exclusive shopping event with L’Occitane at the new flagship store! Join us between 10am-6pm and treat your mum (or yourself!) to something special.

The L’Occitane flagship takes you on a unique, sensorial journey. Step off bustling Regent Street and you will enter a botanical world that transports you straight to the heart of Provence. Discover the finest natural ingredients, indulge in a pampering hand & arm massage and even enjoy a delightful sweet treat at the Pierre Herme macaron bar. Browse an endless array of beautiful gifts and even add your own personal touch at the customisation cabinet and gifting workshop.

Discover our pop-up engraving bar at the new L’Occitane flagship store!

Make sure you also take a moment for yourself from a busy day of shopping and head to the L’Occitane Lounge on the 2nd floor to relax, enjoy a delicious refreshment and visit us at an exclusive Merci Maman pop-up engraving bar. We want to share some of our best-selling products with you and give you the chance to purchase a bespoke piece of jewellery, personalised with the message of your choice! Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift and enjoy complimentary hand-engraving on-site.

loccitaine-blog-artwork-newAnd finally, L’Occitane also has an extra-special treat for Merci Maman customers. Spend £30 on L’Occitane products and you’ll receive this exclusive free gift worth £30! Containing a selection of L’Occitane best sellers, this set offers everything you need for a little pampering treat. All you have to do is print this blog post (or our Merci Maman x L’Occitaine newsletter) and show it when making your purchase.


From One Mother To Another: Martha Keith

Martha Keith


Recently became a mum to baby Hermione!

Martha founded the gorgeous, London-based stationery brand, Martha Brook, in 2013 when she created a first wedding anniversary gift for her husband, Chris. She made a personal box containing 10 little ‘Love Notes’, created by hand as a thoughtful, one of a kind gift. This inspired Martha and before long she quit her corporate career to pursue her passion full time. On January 1st, two became three when Martha Brook’s newest team member, Hermione arrived in the world!

What’s the special thing that reminds you of your Mum?

I am sure everyone thinks that their Mum’s cooking is the best, but I really do. Recently when I came out of the hospital after becoming a Mum myself, my Mum brought round her signature chicken casserole and a big bowl of stewed apple – two dishes she has cooked us since we were little and always make me think of home and being looked after.

What makes you feel close to her?

Since becoming a mother myself, I feel closer to my Mum that ever before. Seeing her as a grandmother and realising how she must have felt when I was born has given us a whole new bond I never knew was possible.

Do you have a Mother’s Day tradition with your Mum?

As I am one of four sisters and our only tradition is spending time with our Mum. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to spoil our Mum when it is so easy to take everything she has done and continues to do, for granted.

You are a new mum, what have been your favourite moments with Hermione so far?

As Hermione is only a few weeks old, every week brings new surprises. She has recently started smiling and my favourite moments are our quiet mornings together where she recognises my face and beams back at me. Nothing makes me happier.

This is going to be your first Mother’s Day, are there any new tradition you’d like to start? 

This is going to be a very special Mother’s Day as it is my first as a mother after many years of fertility struggles. I was told I was unable to have a baby naturally after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of endometriosis. Last year we started a course of IVF and were so incredibly lucky it worked. All I want for Mother’s Day is lots of cuddles with Hermione and a day together with her and my husband Chris – that will be the perfect day for me.

Martha chose our Personalised Small Hammered Disc Necklace as her favourite product. She chose to engrave ‘Hermione 01.01.18’ on the reverse of the disc to represent her new-born baby who was born on New Year’s Day!

To Mum, From Us: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

You know how your mum always told you that, when it comes to giving gifts, ‘it’s the thought that counts’? Well, it turns out she was right (obviously..!) so when it comes to buying a gift especially for your mum, we’ve got you covered.

Whether she’s mum, maman, mutter, mamá or 沉默, the language of motherhood is universal. Say ‘Thank you, Mum!’ for always being there for you, for being wise and kind and lovely, even when you’re not. For cheering you up, for making you feel special and holding your hand when you need it most.

No matter how old you are, you’re never too old to need your mum!

Together or apart

Whether you’ve moved across the country or across the globe, your mum is still your favourite person. Let her know you’re thinking of her with a hand-engraved reminder of your love. Our Intertwined Necklace is symbolic of an unbreakable bond, featuring names, dates or special words of love, perfectly personalised in 18K rose gold plated, sterling silver or 18K gold plated.merci-maman-mothers-day-personalised-intertwined-necklace

To the world she is just one person, but to you she is the world

Whether there’s a new arrival or the family’s home for the weekend, celebrate Mother’s Day with something as wonderful as she is. Our best-selling Flat Bangle is hand-engraved with your thank you’s, your I love you’s or your what would I do without you’s in sterling silver, 18K gold plated or 18K rose gold plated. Stack them together or wear them alone to fit your personal style.


A mum, and then some!

Thank her for all that she does with a symbol of your eternal love. Our Eternity Bracelet brings together a colourful braid in durable polyester and a sterling silver or 18K gold plated charm. Choose your own words, names or date and give hand-engraved happiness, especially for mum.mothers-day-merci-maman-personalied-eternity-bracelet

M is for Mum

Simple, subtle and oh-so-sweet, our Gemstone Chain Bracelet is for a love that lasts a lifetime. With five gemstones to choose from, find the birthstone of your child, her favourite colour, or match her most-loved outfit with Lapis, Onyx, Opal, Mother of Pearl or Labradorite. Engrave an initial, a date or short name on the reverse.mothers-day-personalised-gemstone-chain-bracelet-merci-maman

Tell her she’s precious

All of those memories that you love, your mum loves even more. Make those special moments come to life with a loving message, names or an inspiring phrase engraved with precision on our Personalised Gemstone Necklace. Thank her for all that she does with a colourful gemstone in sterling silver 925 or 18K gold plated.merci-maman-her-mum-gold-plated-sterling-silver-personalised-gemstone-necklace-lifestyle-mother's-day-2018


 From her favourite little people

Whether she’s a mum of boys, girls, or both, our Personalised People Chain Bracelet is a simple but playful way to celebrate your family! Stack these bracelets with others to represent your little ones or wear alone for simple style. Choose to hand-engrave up to 8 characters, perhaps a name or date to celebrate their birth!merci-maman-women-gold-plated-personalised-people-chain-bracelet-mother's-day-2018merci-maman-hammered-open-bangle-people-chain-bracelet-worn-mothers-day-2018

Unwrap more cute creations and personalised treasures in our Mother’s Day Edit to discover the perfect gifts made for mum.

From One Mother To Another: Cherry Healey

Cherry Healey

Mum of two, Coco and Edward (Bear)!


Cherry is a TV presenter, broadcaster and writer living in London with daughter, Coco, born 2009, and a son, Edward (Bear), born 2013. Frank and funny, Cherry found fame and fans by revealing her highly individual take on life, and sharing her experiences – even being filmed while giving birth for TV. Her BBC Three documentaries have focused on drinking, body issues, dating, childbirth and money.

What’s the special thing that reminds you of your mum?

I’ve grown up in a house with continuous delicious smells coming from the kitchen – so cosy, homecooked cooking always reminds of my mum. I used to sit on the kitchen stool and chat to her for hours while she made shepherds pie, lasagne, stews, cakes – my love of food and conversation is definitely as a result of that!

What makes you feel close to her?

Being able to be honest with mum is an amazing thing. I remember being a teenager and testing what I could and couldn’t disclose! I’d want to tell her all about the party I went to, the fun my friends and I had, the boys I met…but I would edit out anything that I thought would get me in trouble! But now as an adult, and as a mum, I am incredibly close to her and I think that is partly because there is a huge amount of honesty between us – it’s not always easy but feeling so known by someone is very special.

Is there a special thing you do with your children to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Growing up, mum would cook an amazing roast! But now I’m grown up I make sure she is looked after! So this year we’re going out for lunch with all the family and the kids – it’ll be chaos and fun and that’s just how we like it! For mum and I as long as we have a lovely glass of prosecco and our family around us, we’re content.

Would you like to share a memory of a Mother’s day? A gift you remember? 

I remember two years ago my daughter Coco chose a jumper for me with little leopards on it – I know it sounds silly but it was 100% chosen by her, it was gorgeous and I remember thinking how fun it was to have a daughter! She and I have so much fun together – I absolutely love hanging out with my mum and I really hope Coco loves hanging out with me in the future.

What’s the most beautiful thing your kids have thanked you for or have said Merci Maman?

After years and years of repeating ‘don’t forget please and thank you’ they are now saying it without being asked and I feel like that is such a huge PARENT WIN! It’s really lovely and it does mean I don’t feel like their PA/maid! When I’m exhausted yet I’ve changed their bed, washed their clothes, organised fun things after school and cooked their food…a thank you goes a very long way.

Cherry’s favourite product is the Initial Pastille Sautoir in the 18K gold plated and she chose to engrave the initials of her children, Coco and Bear.

From One Mother To Another: Emilie Walmsley

Emilie Walmsley

Mother of two gorgeous girls – 12 and 9 years old!


Emilie is a co-founder of Babyccino alongside Courtney Adamo and Esther van de Paal. She is proud possession of a French and an Irish passport… but it’s actually not that simple. She grew up in Germany and in the States, and then finally landed in London. Having lived there for 10 years, she moved over to Paris four years ago, where she lives with her two daughters. Paris has not been without its trials, but the whole family has become used to fresh croissants in the morning and dog poop on the pavement all day long!

Tell us about a special thing that reminds you of your mum?

My mother passed away when I was 13 so there are random things that remind me of her.  The taste of some of the cakes she taught me to bake or the smell of a specific Lancome lipstick… She also passed on to me her love for books.

What makes you feel close to her?

I think seeing my own children enjoy the things I remember enjoying with my mother makes me feel close to her.

Is there a special thing you do with your children to celebrate Mother’s Day?

They make me breakfast in bed and spend hours the night before trying to fabricate a present.

Would you like to share a memory of a particular Mother’s Day? A gift you remember? 

Last year I got vouchers for cleaning the table and taking the bins out! The funny thing is they do that anyway – even without vouchers, so I have yet to use them…

What’s the most beautiful thing your kids have thanked you for or have said Merci Maman?

One of my girls recently told me Merci for giving her a big cuddle even after we had a fight. I really needed to hear that and I love the fact that even when we are tired and cranky we can go to bed knowing that all is ok.

Emilie chose the Initial Pastille Necklace as her favourite product. She wears it in 18K gold plated, engraved with her family initials.

From One Mother To Another: Alice Erb-Malet

Alice Erb-Malet

Mother of one with number two on the way!


Alice is the founder and owner of Cuckoo Hibou in Fulham, London. Originally from Paris but living in London, she offers a warm nest where kids and families can come together, relax and have fun. Her boutique offers beautiful gifts, workshops, a café and birthday parties – fun for all the family!

Tell us about a special thing that reminds you of your mum?

Every time I hear a song from Mamamia or Fame I think of my mum.We used to dance like crazy when this music was on – even while we were doing the cleaning with our mops!

What makes you feel close to her? 

We had lots of differences when I was younger but my mum is one of the most important people in my life. And after I had my son, I understood a lot about motherhood and I also understood that she loves me unconditionally. And I can’t deny it anymore: I am much like her in a lot of ways!

Is there a special thing you do with your children to celebrate Mother’s Day?

For me Mother’s Day has to be a relaxing day –  we start with breakfast in bed and chill in pyjamas! Maybe watch a Disney movie all together and I don’t mind having nice flowers as well !! Fortunately, my son often reminds my husband to buy me flowers on this day!

I’m still waiting for a little girl so that when she gets older we could enjoy a special day in a spa together! Always good excuses to go to the spa!

Would you like to share a memory of a particular Mother’s Day? A gift you remember? 

Last year my son did a poem at school. He then asked his father to buy me flowers and recited his poem – it was just so cute!

What’s the most beautiful thing your kids have thanked you for or have said Merci Maman?

My son always tells me I’m the best mum ever and that he loves me. He told me once, “Mummy I have a secret – you are the one I love the most – but don’t tell Daddy otherwise he will be sad!” Obviously, I told his Dad!  Every time he tells me he loves me I’m just so moved!

Alice’s favourite product is the Personalised Laurel Necklace in 18K gold plated. She chose to engrave “Comme l’Univers Je t’aime” around the edge of the charm. Alice’s Mum also chose the Personalised Laurel Chain Bracelet to match her daughter as a reminder of each other on Mother’s Day and something to keep them close.

Béatrice Live on BBC News: Timewise Power 50 Awards

On Monday 26th February, our founder, Béatrice De Montille, appeared live on the BBC News! Beatrice was interviewed on the morning programme Business Live to discuss how she successfully balances work-life and family-time as the founder of a company, after being awarded a Timewise Power 50 Award.

Live at the BBC

Interview by Sally Bundock and Ben Thompson, Béatrice discussed the benefits of flexible working within Merci Maman and how, after having her second child in 2007, she was looking for her own flexibility to balance work and family life. Unfortunately, larger corporations were not able to offer this to her at the time so her solution was to start her own company and founded Merci Maman from her kitchen table ten years ago.


Timewise Power 50 Award

Represented in the Power Founder Category for small business founders who have used their start-up status to work flexibly, Béatrice told the story of Merci Maman and her own personal experience of managing a growing company alongside a growing family.

Ten years after creating Merci Maman, Béatrice is at the heart of the business, leading the company both creatively and strategically, allowing Merci Maman to grow consistently year after year. Béatrice is now a mum of four and her award-winning company employees 30 people between their London, Paris and soon Berlin studios.

 “I strongly believe in the power of people. When I dream, I dream of a company where business and people grow together. To receive a Timewise Power 50 award is a huge honour and to be recognised for the milestones that Merci Maman has reached whilst raising my children brings together the essence of being both a mother and an entrepreneur”.

Béatrice and Merci Maman have been recognised for a number of awards, including, The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2017, Best Small e-Commerce Company 2017 and nominated as a finalist in the Professional Jeweller Awards 2017.


About Timewise 

Timewise (www.timewise.co.uk) is a multi-award winning social business working to unlock the flexible jobs market in the UK, running a series of services to articulate the business benefits of quality part-time and flexible work, designed to boost the number of jobs that are advertised with flexible working possibilities in the UK. The award aims to shift opinion about flexible working – proving it’s no barrier to success, and helping make flex the new normal. As flexible working at senior level moves further into the spotlight, their aim is to champion the people and organisations who do it best.

Giveaway! Merci Maman x Nousha

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up or want to celebrate your extraordinary family, well…just because! Look no further than our amazing give away with photography experts, Nousha!

What better opportunity than to showcase your new jewellery than at a professional photoshoot!

Named after the ‘boss’ – Nousha the cat – Husband and wife team, Lionel and Claire Cherruault, created their company in 2009 and are now based in Clapham Old Town, London.

They use the absolute best cameras and lighting equipment, allowing them to focus on the more important aspect of photographic portraiture –  building a relationship with every subject in order to capture their true personality! Photographs are printed on archival paper and framed by our master framer and his assistant with each frame made by hand. They create truly beautiful pieces which will look stunning in your home.

“We like to think that we will present you with the best photographs you have ever seen of your family, we can all take great photos at home now with the power of smartphones but nothing beats the years of training and experience our photographers have, not only in photography but in persuading occasionally reluctant toddlers (and grumpy teenagers) that it’s really not so bad… our photographers will happily make complete fools of themselves in order to get the best reactions.”

To be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize, enter the giveaway above.

To find out more about Nousha, enjoy this short video!

From One Mother To Another: Esther van de Paal

Esther van de Paal

Mummy of four with a 5th on his way, just in time for Mother’s Day!


Esther is one of the founders of Babyccino. She started the business 10 years ago with two friends after they met in London around the time that their first babies were born. They quickly bonded over Motherhood and the concerns, questions and joys that come with parenting. Today Babyccino is a unique destination for modern parents and parents-to-be. You can discover the best online boutiques for all your shopping needs, find inspiration and ideas from their daily blog, and catch the travel bug with their series of family-friendly city guides.

Tell us about a special thing that reminds you of your mum?

My mum passed away nearly 10 years ago. There are many things I remember about her, but growing up, the most special thing we did together was lots of crafting and sewing. I loved that!

What makes you feel close to her?

Now, when I spend time crafting or sewing together with my own kids, I feel very connected to her.

Is there a special thing you do with your children to celebrate Mother’s Day?

My kids (with their dad) always make me breakfast in bed!

Would you like to share a memory of a particular Mother’s Day? A gift you remember? 

I loved last year’s gift that Sara, our oldest, made me. It was a voucher booklet with all sorts of things she would do for me, like prepare the lunch boxes one morning, or pick up her younger siblings from school, etc. So sweet!

What’s the most beautiful thing your kids have thanked you for or have said Merci Maman ?

I love it when after their birthday party, they come up to me to give me a big hug and say: Thank you mama, I had a wonderful and special day. ❤

Esther’s favourite Merci Maman product is the Personalised Initial Bracelet. She wears this design in sterling silver with five mini discs engraved with her children’s initials.


A Mother’s Love: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The story of a mum starts with you so celebrate her with something special this Mother’s Day!

Whether she’s a fairy cake baker, a fancy dress maker, the source of a fiver or a free taxi driver,  show her some love with a personalised gift. Available in 18K gold plated or sterling silver and hand-engraved with hugs, kisses and happy wishes…because that’s what makes a mum.

Mummy est.2018

Celebrate her first Mother’s Day with a special gift from your new arrival. Our Personalised New Baby Necklace brings together our iconic disc charm, a mini boy or girl to represent your bundle of joy and a birthstone for the month they arrived! Choose to personalise the disc charm with your babies name, weight and birthday for a sentimental sob-starter.



Simple but oh-so-sweet, our Pastille Chain Bracelet is one for the wonder-mum. Elegant to wear and easy to love, each charm is personalised with a unique edge engraving of a name, word or date to make this collection as unique as she is. Available in 18K gold plated, 18K rose gold plated or sterling silver, each piece is perfectly personalised by us, for her.


Mum’s the word

Treat her to our Hammered Open Bangle, inspired by her, personalised by us.  A hammered texture and discreet inside engraving keeps your words secret and let’s the outside do the talking. Cherish precious memories in sterling silver, 18K gold plated or 18K rose gold plated and up to 40 hand-engraved characters. Wear alone or stacked together, mix metals or combine textures and create a combination as unique as she is.


Mum: a title just above Queen

Treat her like royalty with our best-selling Duchess Necklace. As worn by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, celebrate your whole family mini boy and girl charms of your choosing,  a central disc hand-engraved with a name, birthday date or weight of your children and a mini heart charm to represent Dad! https://www.mercimamanboutique.com/the-duchess-necklace

When two became three

She’s unique, she’s special and she’s yours. Whether she’s a brand new mum or the leader of a small tribe, celebrate her with a necklace that is as wonderful as she is.

For a first-time mummy or mum of one our Eternity Necklace keeps things simple with a single ring. Engrave a new babies name and birth date for a symbolic gift.

Mum’s of are celebrated with our Mix Metal Eternity Duo Necklace featuring contrasting metals in 18K gold plated and sterling silver. Choose names, their first words or a special reminder of your growing family.

Our Eternity Trio Necklace symbolises a unbreakable bond to represent the whole family or three special moments. Hand-engraved names, dates or meaningful mottos are the perfect way to say, ‘We love you mum, for being you’.


Discover more made-for-mum gifts in our Mother’s Day Edit and find the perfect ‘what would I do without you’ treat!