Which Hand Do You Wear Bracelets On? THE Guide

Which Hand Do You Wear Bracelets On? THE Guide

Are you a bangle lover? Or is one statement, stand out bracelet what you look for? The category of bracelets is one that is never-ending. This guide is here to make you understand how to wear bracelets and how to look after them.

Bracelet Wearing Guide & 5 Style Tips

There are 5 main styling do’s and don’ts when it comes to our bracelets. From the positing of the bangle to how to look after them. Read below.

1. Storing – we all know that you never keep your bracelets on 247. Sometimes they can be uncomfortable to sleep in or you’re worried they will get damaged. Make sure you always keep your keepsake in a jewellery case or box to limit them getting tangled as well as scratched.

2. Care – Depending on the metal of your bracelet, nine times out of 10 we should always remove them when showering and doing anything that involves water. This is due to the discolouration that can occur on some plated pieces as well as potential damage you could cause. Read our care and cleaning advice here.

3. How many is too many? – This comes down to personal preference. Some say the more the merrier and others prefer to be more subtle and sleek. Our tip for you is to wear bracelets that suit your style the most.


4. Positioning – If wearing a watch, the bangle should always go nearest to the wrist for comfort. However, if you choose to stack your bangles or wear multiple, wear above your watch. There is no black or white rule, but you should do what is most comfortable for you.

5. Mixing Metals – Some say this can come across a bit ‘dated’ and less trend led. However, if you are stacking bangles we believe there’s no harm in wearing silver and gold or even rose-gold. If you are going down this route, we advise to wear bracelets with two or under metals.

THE Bracelet Guide

Here at Merci Maman, we have something suited to everyone. From the grandma, mum, father or daughter, we have a wide variety of bracelets to match your personality. Here are some of our favourites:

The Personalised Padlock Chain Bracelet, £59

Padlock Chain Bracelet

The delicate chain and timeless padlock charm form the perfect personalised engraved bracelet to symbolise a love that can never be broken.

Personalised Beaded Bar Bracelet, £69

This versatile bracelet comes with the option of 6 different semi-precious gemstones as well as silver or gold bars to personalise. Hand-engrave it for your husband, dad, wife or friend. It’s part of our unisex collection.

Beaded Bracelet

Personalised Flat Bangle, £39

One of the most affordable bangles you’ll find! It’s a bestseller for a reason. With space for 60 characters to be engraved, it really does make the perfect gift. Perfect for stacking too and available in all three metals!

Flat bangle

Check out our 18k Solid Gold version here.